Preston Workers’ Memorial Day

wmdWorldwide, hundreds of thousands die in workplace “accidents” and millions die of occupational diseases.¬†Union organisation is the remedy. Prevention is the only cure.

Remember the Dead. Fight for the Living.

Preston Workers Memorial day takes place on the Saturday falling closest to the 28th April: International Workers Memorial Day.

A memorial service is held with speakers from local and regional trade unions followed by a march to the Lune Street Workers Memorial.

If you would like to get involved with the coming years Worker’s Memorial Day event please get in touch.

Photographs from Previous Preston Workers Memorial Day Events:

Preston Workers Memorial Day 26th April 2015

Preston Workers Memorial Day 26th April 2014

Preston Workers Memorial Day 27th April 2013

Preston Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2012

Preston Workers Memorial Day 30th April 2011

preston wmd poster

WMD 2017 Press Release for Immediate Use

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